Postcard from Solerno: Sorting Tiles or Taxes

Beneath these tiles is a mound of salt pulled from the lagoons around Trapani. Makes spring-cleaning and taxes seem so much simpler, doesn’t it?

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Neroli featured image

Neroli Cocktail

We set up a Solerno & Sparkling brunch recently and found ourselves returning to an old favorite mix: Solerno, Aperol, orange juice, Prosecco. Maybe this should become a tradition. Maybe spring should always be welcomed with open arms and a …
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Postcard from Solerno: People Watching

The weather is warming up. It’s time to enjoy some good, old-fashioned people watching. Any café will do, even if it’s not in view of Palermo Cathedral’s grandeur!  

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Spring reviver feature

Solerno Spring Reviver

We like our seasons to come early and behave themselves. When they don’t, we try to coax them out of hiding with our latest cocktail creation. Spring Reviver 1 pt. Rhubarb Tea 1 pt. Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur 1 pt. …
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Postcard from Solerno: Oranges and Lemons Day

We’re still lobbying for a National Solerno Day, but in the meantime we’ll happily celebrate National Oranges and Lemons Day as the citrus season nears its end.

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Postcard from Solerno: Citric Seasons

Blood Orange season may be gone, but lemons, mandarins and other citrus will make the trek down the slopes of Mt. Etna well into May.

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Sweetheart cocktail

The Solerno Sweetheart by Melissa Davis

We have to admit, it was love at first sight when we met Melissa Davis (aka The Liquor Lady) through one of her latest cocktail creations. She calls it “The Solerno Sweetheart” and we simply had to ask her about …
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Melissa Muse

Solerno Muse: Melissa Davis of LiquorLady

Melissa Davis is a woman after our own hearts: smart, sophisticated, globetrotting and a cocktail blogger extraordinaire. Her A Seat At The Bar blog (liquorlady.com) is one part industry insider insight, one part cocktail adoration and three parts awe-inspiring drink …
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contrast the green

Postcard from Solerno: Orange and Green

Some Sicilian green and orange for our Irish friends on St. Patrick’s Day. Salute and sláinte!

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