Solerno Muse: Kurt Johnsen

Kurt Johnsen is, in so many ways, a self-made man. An entrepreneur who has used his Kung Fu training to really connect with the now in yoga, his intensity and passion for life made him the obvious pick for our …
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Muse Quotes: Donna Karan

Sage advice for a radiant life from one incredibly savvy (and stylish) lady…

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Solerno Muse: Ashley Clauer

Austin, Texas Yogini Ashley Clauer is said to have become a yoga instructor so that she might embrace life more fully. That she has and that is why we asked her to lead our magical Drink Play Love evening of …
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Carrie Bradshaw Quote

Muse Quotes: Carrie Bradshaw

We have a feeling that the style conscious Carrie Bradshaw who has become a timeless style icon would appreciate Solerno. Not just because we have not one, but two Cosmo recipes, but because she knew the quality of Italian craftsmanship …
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Solerno Postcard: Autumn Sunshine

Every day has the potential to be the perfect autumn day. We toast to the crisp, sunny ones that call us outside for long walks, exploring new streets and feeling the sun on our faces. We also toast to the …
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Solerno Postcard: Cooler Weather

The temperatures are cooling down, but we’re still keeping everything warm and bright with Drink Play Love energy!

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Solerno Postcard: Dallas Drink Play Love

It’s time for Dallas to show us their Drink Play Love style. What kind of Solerno & Sparkling do you think they mix up in the great State of Texas?

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Solerno Postcard: Outdoor Blankets

Cooler weather and autumnal leaves call for fire pits, outdoor blankets and more Solerno.

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Solerno Muse: Lamat Kateb

Drink Play Love is as much about finding beauty in grey days and cityscapes as it is about indulging in the ease of beaches and sunshine. Lamat Kateb was the yogi who helped us channel San Francisco’s Drink Play Love …
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