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Solerno Postcard: Outdoor Blankets

Cooler weather and autumnal leaves call for fire pits, outdoor blankets and more Solerno.

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Solerno Muse: Lamat Kateb

Drink Play Love is as much about finding beauty in grey days and cityscapes as it is about indulging in the ease of beaches and sunshine. Lamat Kateb was the yogi who helped us channel San Francisco’s Drink Play Love …
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Solerno Postcard: Seasonal Delights

Solerno Postcard: Seasonal Cocktails

Chili peppers, kale and pumpkin are just waiting to be paired up with apples, figs and blackberries. So which will be mixing it up in your latest seasonal cocktail?

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Solerno Muse: Grace Flowers

When you have a name like Grace Flowers, it seems you are a bit pre-destined for a #DrinkPlayLove life. Sure enough, Grace is the personification of the relaxed and calm vibes that California is known for. And we were lucky …
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Solerno Postcard: Summer Continues!

Don’t forget that summer is not officially over until September 22nd, so you have plenty of time to bask in the sun and enjoy rooftop cocktails!

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Postcard from Solerno: Beautiful Choices

Highball or wine glass, pineapples or blood oranges—there’s always something for everyone at a Solerno & Sparkling event.

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Stained Glass Solerno inspiration

Postcard from Solerno: Whole New Glow

Glancing through stained glass can give your city a whole new glow. Bask in the colors and let it inspire your cocktail concoctions!  #DrinkPlayLove

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Postcard from Solerno: The summer of Drink Play Love

Look, we saved a spot for you! Follow our #DrinkPlayLove this summer!

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Postcard from Solerno: Juliet Balcony

Stop and smell every flower you possibly can this summer… especially if they are perched on Juliet balconies. #DrinkPlayLove, baby!

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